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OPC – Laurose Extract

“Cancer Bush” is what the local natives call this Laurose flowering tree which has reportedly had over 500 compounds identified thus far, many of which are noted for their cancer-fighting as well as immune boosting and other health-promoting qualities.

The Laurose extract was first used to treat the HIV- AIDS epidemic. Approximately 350 HIV/AIDS patients have used it on a regular basis.

The results have been nothing less than astounding with a reported 98% success on HIV and a very high success rate with cancer. Dr. H. Zima Ozel, who re-discovered an age-old remedy, reported success rates of over 70% in the 40 plus years that he has used concentrated Laurose extract in Turkey. Other practitioners are reporting over 90% success when used in conjunction with an initial totally body detox, parasite cleanse and improved nutrition. 1, 2

Dr. Swanepoel reported: “Everything still ok here and cancer patients, as well as HIV patients on the Laurose mix, are doing well. The medical doctor in Cape Town who is using the mix for all his cancer patients has continued to have good results. The oncologist where he sends his patients to was so impressed with the results that she is now using it herself for prevention. Of the cancer patients, 5 arrived when they had about a week to 10 days to live and they were too weak to keep the mix down. They died without really being able to try the extract. All the others are still alive, some now for nearly three years. One breast cancer patient who was given a few months to live eventually became the patient of the oncologist who is now also using the extract. She was declared free of cancer by the oncologist approximately 1 year ago and is still doing well. Others used it for a few months until their cancers were gone. One patient with a festering hole of 1cm diameter on his nose (about half a cm deep) has been using it for three months after doctors were unable to cure the tumor with radiation. The hole is now half the size and not festering anymore. It should be healed in about 3 – 6 months. The doctor in Cape Town whose own wife had metastasized cancer to the bones is now cancer free. It also seems to help with asthma, male impotence, and diabetes. One advanced MS patient has now used it for 2 months and is reporting that it seems to help for the pain in her legs.”

Clinical Studies OPC Plus Laurose Extract

To paraphrase a department head at noted cancer research facility M. D. Anderson (famous cancer treatment hospital in Houston, Texas): “We don`t know yet exactly how it works, we just

know that it does work, attacking and killing bad cells – and only bad cells – and stopping their multiplication.”

Laurose extract has shown remarkable success against a very broad range of cancers, including lung, liver, leukemia, breast, brain, prostate, stomach, pancreatic and more. Laurose has been found to either eliminate or greatly alleviate the side effects of chemo when used in conjunction with chemo. However unlike chemo, Laurose does not cause lethargy but instead usually boosts a person’s energy level

Studies seem to provide yet another important piece of evidence in understanding why Laurose has proven to be successful against a great many forms of cancer. In previous studies, Laurose extracts have been shown to:

1) Inhibits angiogenesis, the process where cancer produces blood vessels and spreads
2) Inhibits the NF-kB factor in cancer cells, which is the process that cells use to protect themselves when they come under attack
3) Induces apoptosis, or normal cell death, in cancer cells
4) Greatly stimulate immune activity and crosses the blood-brain-barrier in cases of brain cancer

Laurose extract has had success against a broad spectrum of cancers since Doctor H. Ziya Ozel began working with Laurose extracts in 1966 in Turkey. Dr. Ozel subsequently went on to successfully treat thousands of patients, many of whom were in advanced stages and who mainstream chemo and radiation treatments had failed to help. TheSaludIntegralClinicinHondurashascontinuedthat success for the past several years and also reports successes against a wide variety of cancers and other cell proliferative diseases and immune disorders. 3

Pancreatic cancer, which is normally fatal within only a few months of diagnoses, yet Mr. Knocke reports that they have pancreatic cancer patients who are still alive years later, and are healthy and doing well. He also reported speaking with two of the newer pancreatic cancer patients recently and said that both of whom were alive and doing well five months after their diagnosis. One patient’s cancer had stopped growing and was stabilized and another had no signs of tumors or cancer at all now.

Evidence suggests that Laurose extract have antiviral activity. As a result of the clinical trial and continued successes, the supplement is now made by a pharmaceutical manufacturing company in South Africa and over 10,000 bottles of the supplement are distributed monthly, including distribution at about 900 pharmacies in South Africa.4

For skin cancers (basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma), patients arinstructed to open the Laurose capsule and mix the powder with DMSO in gel form and a neutral cream, along with a drop of lavender essential oil and apply to the affected


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