We know that medical health insurance companies mostly work with conventional clinics and hospitals that use chemotherapy and radiation in treating cancer. However, if you prefer to be treated with so-called “alternative” or natural cancer therapies, you will have to use your own funds. If, however you are low on funds here are three things you can do.

Three Ways to Raise Funds

First, you can contact Care Credit Program. They offer 0% financing for 12 months through the Care Credit program. If you would like additional information on Care Credit or to apply online, please visit their website at www.carecredit.com

You can also contact them via telephone at 800-365-8295.

Second, you can raise funds on a life insurance policy.

Do you hold a life insurance policy? Many do not know that back in 1911 the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that a person’s life insurance policy could legally be sold, even while the holder is still living to get a cash payout. This ruling has never been revoked and is therefore still valid today.

Sad to say what happens all too often when a person develops a life-threatening disease like cancer they stop paying their life insurance policy because they are low on funds. Now you can benefit from all the years of paying your life insurance premiums to obtain the best alternative natural health care.

You can contact a legally licensed financial service broker and ask them to unlock financial support. This work is normally done at no charge to you as the policyholder. Apparently, through their own network of separately licensed investors, some financial services brokers are providing funds called Viatical Settlements which routinely provide 50% to 75% of the face value of a life insurance policy for the owner in cash. The funds will be a federal non-taxable event when specifically handled by the broker’s licensed investors. I have heard that similar provisions exist in Spain where our Budwig Center clinic is located and maybe in other parts of the world.

Do not let yourself or a loved one be amongst the 1600 Americans that die every day because they have not been able to raise the funds to obtain quality natural cancer therapies.

So, check that out today and see if your insurance policy can be “cashed in”. The ruling is that all types of life insurance policies may be sold, e.g., Term, Whole, Universal, FEGLI, employer group plans, etc.

When you contracted the life insurance in the beginning, you had to probably get a series of medical tests done. However, no medical exams nor blood work will be required to “cash in” the life insurance policy. Just send your current medical records by your physician to the broker at the broker’s cost.

Bear in mind that you and your family will have a right of rescission for 10 days following the completion of the transaction. The buyers of the policy will continue to pay the policies they now own. You will have no further involvement with it. And no need to worry as there are no negative financial recriminations will return upon you: as you successfully find healing, you will still owe nothing.

No worry about getting hit with a big tax bill later, as the funds to you are a federal tax-free event if you live in the United States. Of course, the purpose of this transaction is to have funds for an emergency health care plan, however, the funds from your life insurance policy can be used for anything you wish, including medical trips/vacations, paying off the mortgage, or simply providing dignity for the journey.

Third, there is now a platform called “Go Fund Me” that has helped countless people obtain funds from other good-hearted people from around the world to receive health care.

How to Choose a Clinic That Has an Effective Natural Program?

Once you have your funds in place the next challenge is to find an alternative or natural clinic that can effectively help you recover your health. There are 4 main causes of cancer, therefore, you need to make sure the clinic you decide upon is aware of that and can address all four aspects. Here are 10 questions that will quickly narrow down your search, which you need to ask the cancer clinic that you are considering for treatment. This will enable you to see if they measure up to the standards required to reverse cancer effectively and completely. You want a real clinic and not just some therapist or researcher that offers you a few remedies that worked for a few people he or she knows.

So, go ahead and use these 10 questions to email or ask any clinic that you or a loved one is considering using to reverse their cancer:

  1. How long have you been treating cancer?
  2. Do you have several testimonials and comments from former patients?
  3. How many different detoxification systems does your clinic use?
  4. Do you treat parasites and if so does your parasite remedy have at least 8 herbal ingredients that will destroy the adults, babies and parasite eggs?
  5. How does the clinic verify emotional imbalances and correct them?
  6. Does your clinic have doctors and nurses and it is equipped for emergency issues that could arise during my treatment period?
  7. What does your clinic do to make sure the spinal column and meridians are aligned?
  8. If I have chemotherapy how would your clinic support the immune system and overall general health?
  9. What kind of support does your clinic offer before coming and after leaving the clinic to monitor my progress?
  10. Can you provide me a list of proven and time-tested therapies and remedies you use?

According to the American Cancer Society, “Based on current trends, they predict that by 2030 the incidence rates among people ages 20 – 34 years will increase by 90% for colon cancer and by 124.2% for rectal cancer. Among people ages 35 – 49 years, they predict the incidence rates will increase by 27.7% for colon cancer and by 46% for rectal cancer.”


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