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Important Remedies For All Cancer Protocols

Note: The recommended remedies in this report are in perfect harmony with the Dr. Johanna Budwig program and will help produce better and faster results.

Here is some recent research that is very important in reversing cancer:

[1] Curcuma 100® in high doses to disable the Cancer Stem Cells
[2] Papaya and Citrus Pectin enzymes to destroy the protein coating on cancer cells making them more vulnerable to the Budwig remedies
[3] Willard Water to help restore pH balance and aid in better absorption of foods, remedies, water and juices
[4] Aloe Vera Arborescens Miller to help the digestive system, immune system, nausea, control blood sugar levels and inhibit cancerous growth.

People over 50 would also be encouraged to add also:

 Lecithin in the Flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. As we age our digestion is not as efficient. Sunflower lecithin granules will help make the flaxseed oil and cottage (Quark, Ricotta, Fromage Frais) more bioavailable and easier to digest

 Ubiquinol is designed to repair damaged cells; especially, the outer cell membrane and help the blood not form blood clots that lead to strokes and heart failure.

 Krill Oil provides DHA and EPA and a rich source of omega 3. As we age our body produces insufficient amounts.

What Are Cancer Stem Cells and What Can Disable Them?

You probably have never heard that at the center of every cancer tumor there are cancer stem cells called (CSC’s). It seems that the medical world and do not want to talk about these cancer stem cells to their patients, as they are very difficult to annihilate.

In fact, many scientists are now concluding that the reason cancers come back even after intensive chemotherapy and radiation is because they have not been able to destroy the (CSC’s) cancer stem cells.

Some researchers have called them “master cells” because they decide what the rest of the tumor cells are going to do.

Yes, these cells are in control of how fast cancer will spread and in addition, how it manages to grow and even repeatedly resist harsh treatments.

In laboratory studies using mice, they discovered that just a few of these cancer stem cells can cause the tumor to grow right back again whereas countless other cancer cells could not do that.

Even though these cancer stem cells make up less than 1% of the mass of the tumor they have a clever way of escaping conventional medical therapies which target rapidly dividing cancer cells.

These master cancer stem cells divide very slowly, therefore they pass right through and around the chemotherapy and even intensive radiation in many cases.

And to make matters worse, these cancer stem cells if they do take in some of the chemotherapy drugs they have in built-in defense mechanism that causes it to quickly expel the chemical drugs right out of the cell leaving it unharmed.

Chemotherapy and Radiation Makes Cancer Master Cells Stronger

But if that was not the worst of the situation there’s more to be said. When these

master cancer stem cells are exposed to chemotherapy and radiation it actually makes these CSC’s several times stronger according to a recent study by UCLA on breast cancer radiation treatments.

These cancer stem cells are not only found in breast cancer, but they were found in basically every type of solid tumor to date. So, to effectively overcome cancer the secret is to disable the cancer stem cells.

Bio-Available Curcumin Disables Master Cancer Cells Where Drugs Failed

Research has been done by M.D. Anderson Cancer Ctr., Baylor University, Stanford, UCLA, the University of Michigan, the University of North Carolina, Purdue University and many others on how to use a natural plant extract to disable this master cancer cell. These researchers have discovered that the humble Curcuma Longa (Curcumin) plant has been able to effectively help disable cancer at all different levels when used correctly.

However, don’t be fooled by thinking you can just add a bit of curcumin to your diet as in a good curry or even eat the pure root extract form or swallow a few curcumin capsules will disable the CSC’s. The problem is that curcumin on its own is not easily absorbed and also taking it on its own in high doses can irritate the gastrointestinal system. So, you need to use a highly bioavailable form of curcumin and not just any curcumin that is commonly sold and health shops.

To date, the researchers have found that curcumin can outperform many standard medical cancer drugs and has been able to help in treating, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, melanoma cancer lymphoma, brain cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, head and neck cancers, and myeloma.

So, it looks like using curcumin in high doses over specific periods of time can effectively disable the master cancer stem cell. Researchers believe that it basically de-programs the cancer stem cells. It not only attacks it on one level but apparently curcumin attacks the cancer cells are close to 200 different angles.

Baylor University concluded that curcumin can actually block thousands of cancer cellular signals causing apoptosis (cancer cell death), hindering metastasis and even making chemotherapy more effective when used at the same time. In this case, less chemotherapy would be needed, and you are increasing tremendously your chances of recovering your health. The researchers went on to say that when the combined curcumin with the chemotherapy drugs it destroyed much more cancer stem cells than chemotherapy on its own.

In fact, so far, the researchers of found curcumin has been able to supercharge cancer destroying effects of 12 different chemotherapy drugs. Also, as reported in the journal carcinogenesis, the curcumin reduced chemoresistance to 5FU by some 30%.

Why All Cancer Programs Need to Include Curcumin

Curcumin helps block the formation of new tumors as well as preventing cancer from spreading to other parts of the body. We must keep in mind that all our healthy cells have a natural programmed time limit before they are replaced by new cells. However, cancer cells have this sinister ability to keep regenerating themselves and it seems that this dangerous scenario is hard to stop. That’s where the curcumin comes into play as it is been shown to force the cancer cells to die a natural death. In the recent study done in China with the human clinical trial using cancer patients, they found that curcumin causes the cancer cells to die a natural death when introduced to the program.

Another deadly aspect of cancer is causing the patient to starve to death. This syndrome is called cachexia. The muscles waste away. Adding curcumin to the program studies have shown that weight gain can be seen within as little as 10 days. In higher doses, it was also very helpful with pain.

Not All Curcumin Supplements are Created Equal

There are over 5000 clinical studies showing the benefits of curcumin. However, because curcumin on its own is not easily absorbed you need to use a bioavailable form of curcumin and not just any curcumin that is commonly sold and health shops. There are hundreds of stores and websites offering curcumin and many claims to being highly bioavailable. How can you test to see if the curcumin being offered is truly highly bioavailable?

Test Your Curcumin with Water

There is an easy way to find out if the curcumin that you are using is highly absorbable. Simply put it in water, stir it and leave it for an hour. If after an hour you see curcumin powder on the bottom of the glass this is a sign that it does not mix in the water. If it does not mix in water, then you know it will not enter the bloodstream. Only use a brand of curcumin that is water-soluble such as Curcuma 100®.

What About Curcumin with Added Peperine

This type of supplement is not recommended as it simply “switches” off certain digestive enzymes increasing the chances of stomach upset seems to increase dramatically. Others have reported skin issues such as hives, rashes, and swelling of the face, mouth, and tongue, and are caused by an allergic reaction. Some have reported respiratory distress and in severe cases, bronchospasms obstructed airways and severe asthmatic attacks. Peperine is toxic to animals and only improves the bioavailability of curcumin marginally.

Selected Papaya Enzymes to Destroy Protein Membrane Around Cancer Cells

Another challenge cancer presents is that the cells build a special protein membrane around themselves. By doing so they hide from the immune system. That is why even people with the perfectly normal immune system still may not be able to reverse cancer. And that is why immunotherapy is not the full answer to cancer. A better way is to remove the protein membrane, so the immune system can then destroy the cancer cell.

The best enzymes are papaya-based enzymes combined with citrus pectin. Most people take enzymes with meals to help digest their food. However, these papaya enzymes must be taken in between meals on an empty stomach in order to not have any food interfere with their action of destroying the membrane around the cancer cell. Papain, as found in papaya, is a very powerful digestive enzyme that is superior to pancreatic enzymes. These papaya enzymes on an empty stomach also get into the bloodstream and clean up the dead cancer cell debris. Thus, it helps with the detoxification process.

Along with the papaya enzymes it is recommended you also take citrus pectin. There are several studies that have shown that citrus pectin helps prevent cancer from spreading and as its molecule is very small it can even enter the bloodstream and apparently it acts as a decoy for lectins (cancer cell surface proteins), which are hungry for sugar galactose in cells. Studies show that when lectins encounter the citrus pectin which also contains galactose, the attach to this is the would normally do to a cell. Now that they are attached to the citrus pectin they do not attach themselves to other parts of the body where they would normally do so and start a new cancer colony.

Take 2 capsules of a papaya enzyme and 2 capsules of Citrus Pectin between meals and 2 more papayas and 2 Citrus Pectin just before bedtime (total of 4 of each daily), to destroy this membrane that protects the cancer cells from the immune system.

You need to use a quality Papaya Enzyme. Here are some suppliers in the USA/Canada and the Rest of the World

You want the papaya enzymes made from the mature green papaya is the best performing enzyme supplement on the market today.


Get Healthy Again: http://www.king-cart.com/cgi-bin/cart.cgi?store=gethealthyagain&product_name=P-A- L+Plus+Digestive+Enzymes&product=ALL&cart_id=21289.4070&return_page=&user- id=&password=&exchange=&exact_match=exact

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Citrus Pectin is sold at Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer- listing/B00A7H6QHM/ref=dp_olp_new_mbc?ie=UTF8&condition=new

Citrus Pectin is also sold at iHebs.com: https://www.iherb.com/pr/Now-Foods-Modified-Citrus-Pectin-800-mg-180-Veg-Capsules/8647

Suppliers for Europe and the Rest of the World

Papaya Enzyme from mature green papaya at Amazon.co.uk: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Original-Green-Papaya-Digestive- Capsules/dp/B000RPFCBA

Citrus Pectin from Amazon.co.uk: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nutricology-Modified-Citrus-Pectin- 120Vc/dp/B0014AWYLS/ref=sr_1_4_s_it?s=drugstore&ie=UTF8&qid=1522477022&sr=1- 4&keywords=citrus+pectin

Citrus Pectin also sold at iHerbs.com: https://uk.iherb.com/pr/Now-Foods-Modified-Citrus-Pectin-800-mg-180-Veg-Capsules/8647


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