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For thousands of years people have had a fascination with pyramids as a source of energy and healing. The Egyptians, the Aztecs, the Mayans and others, erected large buildings based on this geometry.

The unique design of the pyramid works as a catalyst that transports into its interior magnetic, gravitational and cosmic energy. Some believe that the pyramid condenses a certain electromagnetic field associated with the Earth. The pyramid shape causes a concentration and circulation of energy that begins in each of the five vertices and then converges into one central area producing a noticeable and powerful energetic force. In the same way that a lens concentrates light, or an antenna of a transmits radio waves.

This force is called the energy of the pyramid or pyramidal power.
This pyramidal energy has a positive effect on all living beings and a preserving effect on inanimate objects. When they are aligned to the north, the pyramids at scale reproduce the power of the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

Fresh fruit and vegetables last longer and toxic chemical pesticides and herbicides are naturally neutralized. (We still encourage however that one should wash all fruit and vegetables with pure apple cider vinegar and then rinse with pure water before placing them in the pyramid).

“I have been using the pyramids in my two alternative cancer clinics for over 15 years. Basically, all my cancer patients who come to us before having chemotherapy have recovered their health”. JM Mallorca

Often in alternative health clinics and spas you can see several different types and sizes of miniature pyramids made from glass, copper, steel, wood and even simple colored cards using no batteries or electricity.

We did a short survey in 2016 and found that some 378 Clinics, Health Centers, and Hospitals are using pyramid therapy as well as countless individuals including over 40 medical doctors from Europe, Russia, United States, Egypt, South America. This number is increasing as more and more people discover the great benefits of pyramidal energy.

BioLife Pyramid therapy enhances our natural magnetic energy

We all have a natural magnetic energy that extends about 15cm from our body which can be measured with a Keralan camera.

Here is a picture of the magnetic (some call this the ‘aura’) energy surrounding a person before enjoying a session of pyramid energy and then after.

Notice the increase in the energy field and there are no more broken energy fields around the body:
When this special camera takes the picture in a dark room you can see the increase of the natural magnetic energy of a person after BioLife pyramid therapy. This natural energy has been especially effective for reducing and often eliminating pain and helping with a host of common health problems

Since the late 90’s BioLife Pyramids has introduced a totally new paradigm in the concept and applications of the pyramid structure for health and wellbeing. BioLife pyramids are made of quality pure copper and brass. And you can add optional antennas to capture even more energy and potentiate the pyramid, which is strongly recommended for serious and advanced chronic health conditions. The BioLife Pyramid is also available in 2 different sizes. A 6-foot (183cm) chair model and an 8 foot (244 cm) Heavy duty Professional Bed and Clinical model.

• Arthritis
• Asthma
• Autoimmune diseases (chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, etc.,)
• Blood clots
• Bronchial congestion and asthma
• Cardiac coherence
• Cholesterol
• Cancer (all types)
• Constipation
• A chronic cough
• Digestion issues
• Electrical sensibility
• Fibroids
• High blood pressure
• Heavy metal detox
• Hypoglycemia
• Hyperactivity
• Inflammation
• Insomnia and sleep disorders
• Jet Lag
• Kidney stones
• Lumbago, muscle and nerve pain
• Libido (balances and strengthens all the chakras)
• Loss of balance
• Memory improvement (short and long-term)
• Muscles movement and tone (used by many professional athletes)
• Osteoarthritis pain
• Pain reduction and often total elimination of chronic pain, joint pain and headaches (Migraines) osteoarthritis and rheumatic pain
• Paraplegia
• Parasites
• Raynaud’s syndrome
• Sweating (excessive sweating of the hands)
• Stress and depression and generally improved happiness
• Skin irritation, itching, and rashes
• Tendonitis
• Tingling (pins and needles) chills, numbness and tremors

These are the diseases and health conditions that have been effectively helped with the BioLife Pyramids however basically all health problems (except perhaps those from birth or serious accidents) would be greatly helped as the energetic bio-frequencies works on cellular regeneration and restoration.


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