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Aloe Vera Arborescens Miller offers a Multitude of Benefits

Consume approximately 1⁄4 cup (60ml) of the pure gel of the Aloe Vera Arborescens Miller daily. This is the only Aloe Vera that is recommended for oral consumption and has the medicinal proprieties need. This is the Aloe plant with the yellow flower. Most grocery stores sell these big leaves in the produce section. If you cannot find it locally try this website based in the USA: https://aloe1.com/fresh-frozen- aloe/

According to Organic facts β€œThe health benefits of aloe vera are numerous, such as: improving the digestive system, it can result in an optimal health in the long run. It strengthens the immune system, delays the aging process, cures dermatitis, alleviates menstrual problems, reduces arthritis pain, and heals wounds. It also cures nausea, eliminates ulcers, lowers blood sugar levels, prevents diabetes, reduces oxidative stress, inhibits cancerous growth, heals the side effects of radiotherapy treatments, promotes hair growth, and soothes acid reflux symptoms.”

This widely useful plant also lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, improves cardiovascular functions, alleviates joint and muscle pain, enhances lifespan, and cures gum diseases. It has been used for ages to alleviate pain since it has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.”

You ask me what were the secret forces which sustained me during my long fasts. Well, it was my unshakeable faith in God, my simple and frugal lifestyle and the Aloe, whose benefits I discovered upon my arrival in South Africa at the end of the nineteenth century. —

Mahatma Gandhi


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